Baltic Audience Links Partner meeting and public seminar Gdańsk, 17-20 May.

Anna Ochmann Reflections

Baltic Audience Links meeting was for us a great possibility to work together with cultural actors not only from the Baltic Sea region, possibility of developing better cooperation and network, changing knowledge and discussion about audience and urban development.


Foundation ARTeria works now in the new situation – we run the cultural program in independent Cultural Centre KURORT QULTURY in Zabrze, so from one side we work with local communities including various groups of people into the process of cultural revitalization of our area, from the second side – we run few international projects and collaborate in international networks (for instance Culture Action Europe, and during this conference we decided to join River//Cities network).


Very important and inspirational elements during the meeting in Gdańsk was the results of the research and also the possibility to analysing the case studies and cultural formats for fostering local participatory processes from the different countries. Also the discussions and workshop dedicated to public participation in the urban planning context was a great inspiration for our challenges connecting with four defined by us elements: PROGRAMMING - EDUCATION - PARTICIPATION – COLABORATION.


The open discussion about innovative methods, tools and challenges focused – what is really important in our practise - on the role of non-formal learning and the role of creativity in developing spatial awareness and sensible attitude to the urban settings gave us new knowledge and was an important step in defining new directions of our development.


In my opinion also the study visits was very interesting, especially in Garnizon Kultury (for instance Sztuka Wyboru) and also the presentation by Roman Sebastyanski about artists and activists roles in widening public participation – the case of Gdansk Shipyard. The end of the meeting with visiting CORNERS and talks with the international artists were a great inspiration, how it could work in practice.


I evaluate the meeting in Gdansk as very successful also because of very good selection of panelists, excellent organization and varied program. And I hope we will have possibility to collaborate with partners in the future, in the various projects and ideas.


And thanks Baltic Sea Cultural Center for your great hospitality!

Anna Ochmann


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