Secret Rivers at Museum of London Dockslands 24.05-27.10.2019

The Museum of London Dockslands'  latest exhibition/show explores London's lost rivers, and finds imaginative ways to bring them back to life.

For centuries Londoners have existed beside a series of waterways, which have shaped the city and it's residents. This major exhibition is curated by Kate Sumnall and Thomas Ardill, and shows the history of  relationship between people in the city and river,s and showcases the art that this relationship has inspired.

The intriguing histories of the River Effra, Fleet, Neckinger, Lea, Wandle, Tyburn, Walbrook and Westbourne are the main features in the exhibition. Each river is connected with a broader theme such as poverty, industry, development, effluence, manipulation, activism, sacred association and restoration.

The exhibition showcases many artefacts, artworks and immersive videos and sound effects to bring the story of London's rivers to life. It is divided up into sections, starting with the River Thames, and moving through Roman Londinium, where the river Walbrook played a major role.

One of the highlights is a Data Flow by Michael Takeo Magruder - a continuously changing recreation of the River Lea as an interactive real-time environment within the gallery.


Secret Rivers assisting events programme.


You can read The Guardian's review Here.


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