Poznań Design Festival, 12-20 May 2017, Poznan, Poland

During the Festival Poznan will become the platform for the exchange of experiences from Poland and abroad. There will be both recognised designers  and those representing younger generations.

The Festival’s aim is to present community oriented solutions via three elements: WATER – EARTH – AIR within the three –years – programme entitled POZNAN – THE CITY OF ELEMENTS.

In 2017 the Festival is related to the Warta river under the title URZECZENI (Enchanted by the River) and will encompass actions in the areas of City Beach, Nowa Gazownia Pavillion and Wolnosci Square. There will be workshops on designing “small architecture”, inter-active installations serving recreation and environmental and urban education for Poznan citizens, as well as exhibitions, ateliers, film screenings, lectures and discussions. The organisers hope that the event will attract attention of the Poznan dwellers to “water in the city” and its significance in the urban development.

More information (in Polish) on this site.



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