Nomus Inauguration, 26 November 2017, Gdansk, Poland

New Art Museum, a branch of the National Museum in Gdansk in progress was symbolically opened last Sunday. As the museum future venue is still not decided upon, the institution's status is "in  progress". That is why the opening took place in the European Solidarity Centre.

What is known for certain is that Nomus will be located in the post shipyard area. The future musem will continue the activities of the Art Institute Wyspa, closed down two years ago. The  old Wyspa's building is now undergoing renovation and will serve as Nomus educational space. The former director of Wyspa, has been appointed the head of the nuseum in progress.


The inauguration was accompanied by the choir performance entitled "Music score for animal voices".


//C Platform Foundation's Board Menbers (Iwona Preiss, Head of the Board, Intercult, Stockholm) and Magdalena Zakrzewska-Duda (the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre) attended the official inaugurationof Nomus. 


More info (in Polish) on this site.



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