Baltic Sail, 329 June-02 July 2017, Gdansk, Poland

Baltic Sail invites all those interested in sailing traditions to visit maritime festivals in six port cities around the Baltic Sea and to discover cultural and maritime treasures at maritime museums. Baltic Sail combines efforts not only to bring maritime traditions and the cultural maritime heritage to citizens and visitors but also to promote the Baltic Sea as a first class sailing resort.

The dates of the Baltic Sail events:
Sea Festival Klaipeda 01-03/06 2017
Baltic Sail Gdansk 29/06-02/07 2017
Karlskrona Archipelago Festival 01-06/08 2017
Haikutter Festival Nysted 05-09/08 2017
Hanse Sail Rostock 10-13/08 2016
Riga City Festival 18-20/08 2017

Baltic Sail Gdańsk has been the biggest international sailing event in Gdansk since 1997. During four amazing days of Festival everybody can experience sailing adventure, find out about maritime traditions of Gdansk and Hanseatic League. All events are divided into three theme zones:
THE SAILING SHIPS ZONE (sail on Gdansk Bay, visit docked sailing ships, observe battle in the port or sailing ships parade)
THE MUSIC ZONE  (two days of concerts for all fans of shanties)
THE CHILL OUT ZONE (beach in the middle of the city: sand, sun, sunbeds, umbrellas, baskets,  volleyball and more…)

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