Warsaw is located on the Vistula River roughly 260 kilometers from the Baltic Sea and 300 kilometers  from the Carpathian Mountains. Its population as of June 2009 was estimated at 1,711,466, and the Warsaw metropolitan area at approximately 2,785,000. Warsaw is the 9th largest city in the European Union, by population.

The Vistula River  is the only ‘wild’ river running through an European capital. Back in the 1960's Vistula was one of the favourite places of locals - for recreation. Later on, more and more polluted it became abandoned – one bank overgrown by bushes, the other cut off by a highway.
Today Warsaw is slowly rediscovering its river, several big investments are attracting attention of inhabitants and tourist – the Copernicus Centre of Science and the National Stadium are being built very close to the river, on its opposite sides. In 2010, despite major floods, new beaches have been developed. Every year sees new boats and minor changes in the infrastructure. Yet, the first to draw the attention to the river were the artists, who several years ago began to create various art events on the river and its banks, which culminated in the ‘Art Festival by the Vistula River – TRANSFORMATIONS’  in 2009. Now the river attracts many more visitors  who come here to rest, watch the animals and over 200 protected species of birds, as well as sculptures and installations brought in by artists.

Members in Warsaw, Poland

IMPACT Foundation

The Impact Foundation organises artistic events from various forms of art in Warsaw, Poland. The Foundation inspires and stimulates cooperation of artists and cultural animators; encourages active participation in culture, strengthens intercultural dialogue and influences social integration.

We want to reintroduce the river to the city. Our aim is to bring tourists and the local community to the river banks and awaken their interest for cultural events held in abandoned public spaces. Animating those spaces will make them attractive to institutions which are responsible for planning and social policies. Our mission is to organise a series of cultural events on both banks of the river; to develop in Warsaw the understanding and strengthening of the inter-relations between art and society; to explore new values, link international with local, and encourage changes in city policies and planning.
Ecology is also important to us – prevention of degradation of Vistula River and its banks and natural environment is one of our main concerns, which we would like to draw attention to.

We have been organising river projects from the beginning of the existence of the Foundation. In 2009 we were an official organiser of a 1st edition of a 4 month project called ‘Art Festival by the Vistula River – TRANSFORMATIONS’

From the beginning of June 2010 we are in a process of organising another river festival called ‘Subject: River’. The main objective of this festival is to initiate local ecological initiatives and promotional pro river campaign, organised by the local communities itself. Another aim of the project is to establish a national network of members interested in developing rivers and river banks.


STEP Association for Education and Progress

STEP is a non profit organisation, active in the field of art animation, education through arts, revitalization of the city space through social participation in the arts. Since 2003, it has been organising art events, exhibitions, and workshops mainly in postindustrial spaces and on river banks.