I Love Budapest Movement and the Danube

The Movement in cooperation with the Budapest Architect Chamber announced the call for tender "Love Budapest" for architects, architect students and amateurs in 2005. The purpose of the call for tender was to create architectural artwork for the action area around the Danube, characterizing and symbolizing Budapest of the 21st Century. The winning artworks were published in the Octogon architecture&design magazine and were showed to the public through an exhibition.

In 2010 the I Love Budapest Movement wishes to focus to the revitalization of the Danube area, by cooperating with the Studio Metropolitana Urban Development Centre and the Municipality of Budapest (common projects, Waterfront Conference, DunaLog, etc.), by publishing the Movements’ proposal concerning the waterfront development of the Danube and the surrounded area and by collecting and publishing all the related news on our website and disseminating it to our River//Cities partners, too.

Sources:     Studio Metropolitana Ltd.

Member in Budapest, Hungary

I love Budapest Movement (“Szebu”) is a civil, non-governmental, non-profit organisation and its goal is to ‘reach out to people who are willing to sacrifice their free time to create a better Budapest together’.


We want to unite the power of those who are determined to live in modern, enjoyable, clean, exciting and teeming city.
“Szebu” was founded on the 21 September 2004. The founders had specific plans towards the city development: revitalisation the Danube shore as well as the public spaces of the city centre and intensification of the city’s cultural scene. “Szebu” believes that the urban development of Budapest is not only in the interest of the city’s inhabitants. The success of the capital city means the success of the country as a whole. We aim to create a new, modern image of Hungary by modernising and redefining the image of Budapest. We are confident that by setting a good example and creating a trend to care for the urban environment instead of vandalise it, is the only way to have a clean and beautiful city again.
 This year the main goal of “Szebu” is to communicate its urban planning and designing plans to the greater public. Most importantly, we will be concentrating on the development of the Danube shore. Our goal is to materialise those projects we received for our “Love Budapest” (2005) and “By the Danube” (2004) tenders.
 Being part of the “Podmaniczky Organization”, “Szebu” will be able to work together with other civil and urban developmental organisations that have similar goals.
 “Szebu” has been publishing several articles in the well-known Hungarian architecture and design magazine, called “Octogon”. Besides publishing plans on waterfront development, our organisation is frequently participating in the international urban development conferences.
We are proud of nourishing Budapest’s cultural life with our own exhibitions.